Preparing Students for Computer Based Testing

Computer based tests (CBT) are often given in schools to test students and determine their level of preparedness for the next grade, or even the next level of school. They are also sometimes used for school ratings to exhibit the average test score of students in a school, as well as periodic state testing.

Although students tend to dread computer based tests, these types of tests can help students in more ways than one. They help with concentration, focus, and critical thinking. There are a number of things teachers and administrators can do in order to prepare students for a computer based test:

  • Put together an assessment team to work together on test development discussing question formats, how many will be included on the test, test design, implementation and platform.
  • Have a practice run that includes sample questions on the same or similar topics covered on the actual assessment, as well as question formats that mimic the real test questions.
  • Design a timeline for test day so students know what to expect and how long the test will take.
  • Work with technology experts to ensure on test day everything runs smoothly (booting up computers, login details, etc.)
  • Walk through the test finalization process including submitting answers, gathering and sharing test results.

With assessment formats and question types designed by educators to mirror state testing, eDoctrina is an excellent instructional support resource.

We’ve created a guide with helpful tips on preparing students for CBT. Click Here to view the guide.

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