Our Vision and History

For Educators, by Educators.

“eDoctrina Corporation has quickly established itself as one of the fastest-growing educational software companies around.”


To help students succeed!

We accomplish this by making implementing educational best practices EASIER!

Core Values

Service, Simplicity and Continuous Improvement


eDoctrina will seek to partner with educational institutions committed to implementing educational best practices with fidelity to ensure all students succeed.  eDoctrina will continuously improve our products, training and services to ensure that the best practices we support are easy to implement.  eDoctrina will strive to provide products and services of the highest value and the value of our products and services will build enduring customer relationships.

“90% of our staff are previous educators”


And it all started in an Elementary School computer lab.  In 2005, administrators at a Buffalo, N.Y., school presented teachers with a brand new (and expensive) assessment software.  But what was pitched to staff as a cure for all the school’s woes was soon discovered to be difficult to use and not even that helpful.  In response, one team member (our founder & president Eon Verrall) was asked to “come up with something better.”  He did just that.

What began as a simple Microsoft Access database has grown into eDoctrina, a multi-purpose curriculum, assessment, accountability suite of software solutions, that is being used by hundreds of schools throughout the U.S.

That growth has been powered by the organization’s roots in education.  In fact, to this day, every improvement or new module that is released comes directly from the suggestions of the many teachers and administrators who are using it.  And eDoctrina’s philosophy mirrors those individuals’ commitment to students.

Over 90% of our staff are previous educators. The members of the eDoctrina team are all dedicated to putting the best educational tools in the hands of the nation’s teachers and students.