Premium Content Item Bank

The Premium Content Bank is a collection of quality content that offers a wide range of exclusive and high-quality content to teachers across a multitude of grade levels and subject areas. It is known for its curated questions which have been built and enhanced for over two decades for educators by educators.

What distinguishes the Premium Content Item Bank is its exceptional alignment to standards and taxonomies. Every question undergoes individual assessment by a qualified educator, who meticulously tags each question with the appropriate alignments. This ensures that educators can make confident selections for their classrooms.

The Premium Content Item Bank incorporates questions from state assessments and also features original content crafted by seasoned educators. Subscribers to the item bank can access a robust question bank including both multiple choice and open-ended response questions.

In summary, the Premium Content Item Bank offers a valuable resource for educators and seeking exclusive and reliable content. With its focus on quality and expertise, the Premium Content Item Bank aims to provide its subscribers with a premium content experience that enriches their knowledge and helps their students become successful scholars.

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