Success Planning


Our eDoctrina Training & Support Team has been helping educators save time and increase student achievement through the use of our teacher-driven tools for over 15 years. We will share what we’ve learned from our experience working with districts to get you up and running quickly and efficiently. 


Our customized training options are designed to be a series of building blocks to equip your staff with tools to help organize their instruction, gather data through assessment and use the data to make informed decisions. Our virtual and onsite training sessions are tailored to the topics and timeframe that works best for your staff. 


Implementation & Adoption

We’ll help your team develop and implement a custom rollout plan to ensure eDoctrina becomes a valuable tool in each classroom. We’ll guide your staff through each step of the process, from initial setup and district adoption, to personalized and ongoing support beyond year one to ensure success. 


It is our mission to provide your district with a top-notch experience during the onboarding, implementation and on-going support throughout the lifetime of our partnership. The steps below will continue to evolve and drive the roadmap to ensure your district builds a trusting partnership with our eDoctrina team. 


Step 1: Clearly define district goals and determine how eDoctrina can successfully support them. 


Step 2: Identify strategies to improve instruction, curriculum, and student achievement using eDoctrina tools.


Step 3: Participate in ongoing collaborative discussions to review and evaluate the effectiveness of the initial rollout plan, planning and scheduling of ongoing training and review of district usage. 


Our team is here to help your students succeed! Contact the Training & Support Team at any time to learn more:

Phone: 1.888.537.3348 ext. 2 
Email: [email protected]