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Our school subscribed to eDoctrina a couple years ago, but I never used it much because even though I’m a younger teacher, I tend to be more “old school” and use paper tests and assignments. However, given the new needs with virtual learning, I found that eDoctrina was the best and fastest way to get assignments out to my students in a way that is equitable and accessible to all. I love that I can use the option for text-to-speech for my students that get materials read to them, the options to strike out answer choices, and the multitude of other settings I can use to personalize the assignments for my needs. Moreover, I love that I can reset student passwords myself since everyone knows that can be an issue. Most importantly, the fact that it grades itself for me and imports to SchoolTool is a dream come true! I don’t have to manually enter grades between two tabs going back and forth; a couple clicks and I’m done! Even though I turned to this program finally as a result of necessity, I’m realizing that once school goes back to business as usual that I will still use eDoctrina to save me time and make my work a lot easier. Thank you for making such an amazing product that works exactly like a teacher thinks!

– Sarah Elacqua
Science teacher at Waterville Central School District

Since we have been using eDoctrina successfully for a few years now, the transition to assessments online with eDoctrina for our remote learners was seamless. Not only do we have the capacity to build and assign assessments, we are now getting the data that we need on our remote learners to truly understand where their strengths and weaknesses with the curriculum. edoctrina’s help desk continues to provide the support that we need when we need it – and we are grateful for the instant replies and live help when needed. It’s the tool that everyone should be using to help transition to online assessments.

– Andrea Lynch
Instructional Coach at Churchville Chili CSD

This is the best thing y’all have ever spent money on. I find it very user friendly. I especially like the many ways we can utilize the data it gives us. Thanks to everyone involved in getting this for us.

– Kathy Roberts
4th grade Teacher at Lee County Schools

We are looking forward to continuing our work around online assessments next year and truly appreciate all your support!  eDoctrina lived up to its superior customer service reputation.  My life was so much easier knowing I was supported every step of the way with our roll-out.

– Keena Smith
Data Coordinator, Greece Central School District

Like always, your customer support and service is A++!  I continue to share how pleased we are with the eDoctrina product and service. I continue to see more application of reports and development of formative assessments with our teachers. I truly believe eDoctrina is a catalyst to improve our instructional practices.

– Dina Helton-Wilson

Thank you so very much for all the work you and your team have done to improve the ease of use of eDoctrina. I have often shared with colleagues that your company provides the best customer service we have ever been provided!

– Jennifer French

Amazing support and attention to detail has set eDoctrina as the leader in customer support and satisfaction.

– Stephanie Allen

The teacher response to eDoctrina has been overwhelmingly positive. Some of our toughest critics have been sending weekly compliments about the system.

– Bob Boccaccio

Wow! I just had the opportunity to play with this export. I think this will suit us well! I so appreciate what you have done and the speed in which you addressed this issue for us. Thank you so much!

– Kathleen Strangis

I just wanted to send a note of thanks. We had an issue with one of our machines, and in Doug’s absence trying to resolve the issue was rather difficult. Jason was a great resource and followed us to make sure things were all set. It was not an eDoctrina issue, it was an issue with the machine. Jason offered assistance and made possible suggestions which aided in our resolution.

– Donna Frymire