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Training Webinars

Curriculum: Units, Lessons, and Mapping Reports

Navigate through the unit and lesson plan templates that are customized for your district that make building curriculum in eDoctrina easy. Learn tips for linking learning standards to your curriculum documents and how to customize what information is pulled on the Curriculum Map and Scope & Sequence Report.

Assessments: Online Tools for CBT Testing

eDoctrina’s online assessment tools are a great way to prepare your students for computer-based testing (CBT). Learn how to build online assessments using the robust question editor and add the online tools (protractor, highlighter, equation editor, etc.) so students can be confident in using them. Assigning assessments online and choosing testing modifications for students is easy using the Teacher Dashboard.

Assessments: Building Rubrics

Creating rubrics in eDoctrina for assessments is easier than ever and educators can now collect rubric data using our virtual rubric grading view! Learn how to enter rubric data using any device for instant data reports that are designed specifically for analyzing rubric data.

Assessments: Question Bank Navigation

eDoctrina has thousands of pre-made assessments and questions living in the various item banks. Learn tips and tricks to find content to include on assessments and learn what your district has access to based on state assessments.

RTI Tracker / Student Goals

The RTI Tracking tool in eDoctrina is customizable to mirror your district’s RTI plan to ensure staff can easily record and report on student goals. No matter what format of data you are tracking, including reading levels, eDoctrina’s goal tracking screen is perfect for organizing interventions and student progress towards goals. Learn more about the ability for you to create district-specific forms in eDoctrina to record notes from RTI meetings and more!

Teacher Dashboard: Navigation and Filtering Tips

Learn how to navigate the Teacher Dashboard to print answer sheets, assign assessments online, enter grades, and scan webcam answer sheets using the various filters. We’ll cover helpful shortcuts and tips on how to easily locate your assessments and get the job done no matter what information you need from the dashboard.

Teacher Dashboard: Data Reporting Tools

Learn how to use eDoctrina’s Teacher Dashboard to easily pull many different formats of data to help drive instruction in the classroom. Many of the reports have been updated over the past school year to allow more customization options and report formats for educators based on teacher feedback. Explore all of the unique reporting features embedded in the most popular data reports used by districts including Individual Student Report, Student- Standards Report, RTI Progress Monitoring report and more!

Teacher Dashboard: Create Custom Data Report

Learn how to use eDoctrina’s new tool designed for administrators to create new custom reports for the district that includes district data from CFAs, benchmarks, PARCC data, etc. to make it easy for users to run reports for the group of students in a format that is pre-defined for them. Webinars can easily be modified for users of all levels.

Accountability: OBSeRVE, SLOs and State Reports

Every district needs accountability tools that can be tailored to specific needs based on state requirements and different evaluation rubrics. The webinar can be customized for administrators or teachers who are using eDoctrina’s accountability tools. Our goal is to ensure everyone involved in recording and accessing observations, student learning objectives and end of year reporting is confident and comfortable navigating around the system.

Don’t see a webinar being offered on a topic you need to be trained on?

Contact us to schedule a customized webinar focusing on the tool(s) you need to learn about. We are happy to schedule something at a time that best works for you!

Training Workshops

All of eDoctrina’s training workshops can be tailored to cover district-specific topics. An eDoctrina Trainer will work directly with your district’s training coordinator to ensure the training agenda is completely customized for on-site or virtual training.  Detailed agendas for eDoctrina-hosted trainings can be provided upon request.


In-District/Onsite Trainings

As a valued partner we are committed to working with you to develop customized training days for your staff. Whether it is a full day, half day or multiple sessions, we will work with you to create an agenda. Contact us to discuss the modules you would like us to cover during training and share the structure of your professional development day. The training is only limited by the district’s imagination.


Virtual Trainings

Prefer your training session be held virtually? No problem. Our team is well equipped to hold virtual sessions and we are committed to ensuring your team receives the same high quality, valuable training as if it were in person.