Value of Online Assessments from Lancaster Central School District in NY

“We wanted to share the success story of a High School Teacher who decided to give his final exam online this year, for the first time. He elected to make results visible upon completion. Students loved that, especially because they are seniors who need to pass the exam to graduate.  Everything went smoothly, and he was pleased with the simplicity and efficiency of administering an online exam versus a traditional paper-based exam. This alone is a success story, but there’s another layer of success worth noting.

A very conscientious student reviewed her results and asked for clarification on the single item marked incorrect. The teacher discovered that the student was correct and that the answer key was not. He immediately updated the assessment to reflect the intended response. All students’ results were immediately updated, and the very well-prepared student scored 100% as she had suspected.

Upon further reflection, the support team here realized that if that the exam was not administered online, the error may have never been found or corrected – the student would have simply received an exam score on her report card, and the error on the assessment, and on many students’ scores, would most likely not have been discovered. eDoctrina features of results visibility and on the fly editing with immediate updating allowed for the student to earn her well-deserved perfect score and for all students to leave the exam session not having to worry or wonder about their course credit.”

-Lancaster Administration Team

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