Priority Standards

What They Are:

Most states have hundreds of learning standards and many more subsets of those standards.  Educators can’t (and shouldn’t) teach them all in great depth.  So, the process of identifying those standards that are most important is critical to helping teachers focus their instruction.

How eDoctrina Helps:

eDoctrina’s Power Standards tool (which is pre-loaded and NOT an extra module available for purchase) allows users to rate standards in four categories:

  • Endurance — Ask “Will this standard/skill provide students with knowledge that will endure throughout their academic career and/or professional life?”
  • Leverage — Ask “Will this standard provide knowledge and skills that will be of value in multiple disciplines?”
  • Readiness for the next level of learning — Ask “Will this standard provide students with essential knowledge and skills that are necessary for success in their next grade level?”
  • High Stakes – Ask “Is the standard likely to be included on high stakes assessments (ex. state tests) that students will take?”

This process creates a “Power” rating for every standard; a number that will follow that standard/skill throughout eDoctrina (Unit and Lesson Planning, Assessment Creation, etc.).  Having the “Power” rating so easily accessible will allow teachers to make more informed decisions on what to focus their instruction on.

Leading Expert – Larry Ainsworth

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