What is eDoctrina?

eDoctrina is a web-based education software that helps educators: (1) prioritize state standards, (2) create curriculum maps and standards-based lesson/unit plans, (3) build standards-based paper and online assessments, (4) print answer sheets, (5) scan assessment results (no more hand-correcting!), (6) quickly pin-point students who are falling behind and what standards/skills they are having trouble with, (7) manage school/district SMART goals, (8) track student-centered goals (RTI and IEP) and (9) manage teacher observations.

Its use and development is based on several of education’s most impactful best practices, including data-driven decision making, common formative assessments, Assessment for Learning, and Response to Intervention.

How can it help?

eDoctrina saves teachers time by eliminating hand correcting and allows them to teach smarter — to have data readily available to guide instruction.  Administrators benefit from reporting that highlights progress at the district, building, grade, class and even individual student level.  All students (K-12) will benefit from targeted instruction.  Also, eDoctrina includes functionality based on Assessment for Learning (AFL) principles, allowing youths to become more engaged in the learning process.

Will eDoctrina work at charter or private schools?

Absolutely.  As long as a school has teachers and students, eDoctrina can help.

Can I sign up for eDoctrina as an individual teacher or do I need my whole school and/or district to take part?

eDoctrina is designed to support teaching teams, allowing educators to plan, assess and monitor student progress as a group. Its benefits are best enjoyed when utilized on the school or district level.

That stated, if you are a teacher and have a group of colleagues (not necessarily all of the teachers at the school) who are interested in speaking to our team about a pilot program, please contact us and share what you have in mind.

Does eDoctrina include my state’s standards?

They probably are.  And if they are not, our team will work with you to make them so.  Custom standard sets — utilized by schools/districts with their own specific emphases — can also be created/uploaded.

How does eDoctrina support Response to Intervention (RTI) practices?

Simply put, teachers can’t respond to things they can’t see.  Comprehensive reporting offers educators real-time snapshots of what’s happening in their classroom.  Used with formative assessments, eDoctrina shines a bright light on successes and failures, allowing teachers to know exactly which students are falling behind and what subject material they are struggling with.  Click here for more information.

Does eDoctrina come pre-loaded with assessments?

No.  eDoctrina doesn’t have pre-loaded assessments.  What it does have, though, is a user-friendly (yet powerful) interface with which educators can create their own standards-based assessments or input an answer key for existing assessments.

In addition, a partnership with industry-leading content producer Examgen delivers tens of thousands of certified questions that teachers can search through and drag-and-drop into their assessments.

Will ALL my staff, including the less tech-savvy ones, be able to use the program?

Another of eDoctrina’s unique features is its story.  It was developed several years ago by a group of educators at a public school in Buffalo, N.Y.  And, since its creation, teachers — not tech guys — have shaped its capabilities.  Many of our current clients will tell you it’s the most user-friendly tool of its kind on the market. Don’t just take our word for it, check out client testimonials!

What’s with the “free” thing?

Yeah, we get asked this a lot.  Many of eDoctrina’s tools are free and can be used at no cost (without a setup fee or a subscription charge).  Free modules include our standards-prioritization and lesson/unit planning tools.

How do you make money then?

Like most software, eDoctrina has a number of capabilities not be apparent at first use.  To fully unlock its power, most schools/districts will require professional development for district personnel and/or teachers.  In addition, there are a few tools that are not free.  Most notably: scanning and data reporting functions, the online assessment module and OBSeRVE, our teacher observation tool.

So…it’s NOT free, then?

Whoa, we didn’t say that!  As stated, our standards-prioritization and curriculum tools are 100% free.  Even the setup is completed at no charge.  Implementation of eDoctrina is a “no brainer” for schools that do not currently have a tool to create and manage their Core-aligned curriculum.

Beyond that, an average-size district (ex. 1,000 students) could start using eDoctrina for under $2,000 — not a bad deal for a “one-stop shop” solution that includes: unit and lesson planning tools, an assessment builder, data reports and even a student-goal tracking module.

Adding any new functionality in the future?

eDoctrina is constantly being upgraded in response to the needs of its users. Recent additions such as the RTI Tracker and the Student Learning Objectives (SLO) Tool have become big hits in the last few months.  Projects on the horizon include: the addition of more individual-student snapshots, clicker integration and the addition of even more content — lesson plans, assessment questions and teacher observation resources.

How can I get started?

All we require is an hour-long webinar to show you/your team the basics.  After that, if you’d like to use one/all of our free tools and you do not require additional services, none will be provided and you’ll be given a username and password.  An  eDoctrina team member will then talk with you about getting started (importing student, course/class and staff information).  Then, you’re on your way.  It really is that simple

How can I be certain that our data is secure?

Each day, thousands of educators in the U.S. utilize eDoctrina, knowing that its team is taking the security of their students’ information very seriously. Data is protected in a number of ways which are decsribed in this document (it’s a PDF file, 192 Kb).

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