Data-Driven Decision Making

What It Is:

Five years ago, very few educators had even heard the term “Data-Driven Decision Making.”  Today, very few have not.  DDDM, or “informed instruction,” is the practice of using real-time assessment data to inform teachers’ instruction.

By frequently looking at data, educators can know exactly which students are struggling/succeeding and which standards/skills they have mastered or need help with.  On a higher level, data is also used to assist in the evaluation of programs and/or curriculum.

How eDoctrina Helps:

eDoctrina is a Data-Driven Decision Making program.  It is the tool that creates the data which is so critical to student achievement.  Its wide range of reports can help teachers quickly pin-point students and standards with the goal of providing young people with extra help or enrichment activities.

Various reports can provide real-time snapshots on the individual-student, class, grade and even building levels.  They can also generate historical data as well as comparisons on large or small scaled.

Leading Expert – Douglas Reeves, PhD 

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