eDoctrina Helped Lee County Schools Implement Data-Driven Instruction  

Educators at Lee County Schools in Alabama agree that the data software platform, eDoctrina, improved decision-making, instruction, and student learning. Dr. Anna Shepherd-Jones explained that eDoctrina was “the lynchpin to their success in optimizing student learning” because it helps teachers target instruction with knowledge-based decisions.  

Although teachers always knew who needed extra support, pinpointing how to help individual students meet specific standards felt overwhelming. Without software, seeing that level of detail is a monumental and frustrating task of shuffling papers and creating spreadsheets.  

Sharing information was also cumbersome, which hindered data-driven collaboration. Administrators felt insecure about making curriculum decisions for different populations without access to aggregated and disaggregated data reports. 

Adopting eDoctrina solved these common challenges. 

Data is Easy to Gather, Analyze, and Share  

LCS administrators recognized that the best decisions start with access to information. They decided to find a software system to collect, house, and disaggregate assessment data. eDoctrina was a top choice because it provides these solutions: 

    1. Allows educators to see the big picture and dive into the details with reports of student knowledge shown by district, school, classroom, and individual levels. 
    2. Enables easy creation, sharing, and grading of computer-based assessments.  
    3. Encourages standards-based instruction by linking standards to assessment questions. 
    4. Houses data from all assessments such as common assessments, Dibels, and unit tests. 
    5. Promotes collaboration about student learning and standards-based instruction. 
    6. Provides a system for aligning MTSS/RTI goals and documentation. 

Excellent Support from eDoctrina as the Solution 

The software adoption committee prioritized ease-of-use and technological support to ensure teachers, coaches, and administrators would frequently use the software. From the committee’s first interaction with eDoctrina, they knew they had a winner. The trainer gave plenty of valuable tips, and the system has embedded video training. 

However, occasionally, staff at Lee County Schools need a person to walk them through creating a specific report. Tech support is always friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.  

During one sixth-grade team meeting, teachers wanted to use students’ performance on previous assessments to create lessons to prepare them for an upcoming assessment. The team didn’t know how to generate a report with that specific information, so they called eDoctrina. Within minutes, the teachers had the exact information they needed. Such incredible service encourages the LCS staff to take advantage of eDoctrina’s robust features. 

On the Path to Data-Driven Instruction and Decision Making 

Teachers love quickly making and sharing computer-based assessments. They get a wealth of feedback for planning targeted, standards-based instruction by tagging questions with the correlated standard. Instant grading and the accompanying reports encourage frequent formative assessments to help prepare for common assessments. Teachers also like how the student performance reports make conference preparation quicker.  

Coaches note that the graphs lead to powerful conversations about targeting instruction. They use the platform for help creating and housing RTI goals, support, and documentation.  

Administrators generate reports across grade levels and schools to see how students perform on various standards. They can compare teaching methods, population, and curriculum. This level of detailed information assures them that they are making the best decisions.  

Dr. Brad Hunter, the Assistant Superintendent for Elementary, says, “eDoctrina is easy to use. Their service is second to none. They know us by name and help us within minutes. I continue to recommend it to my colleagues.” 

eDoctrina is Ready to Help your Staff use Data to Make Decisions  

With the abundance of educator responsibilities, efficiently collecting, analyzing, and sharing data is critical. If you are ready to invest in data-driven instruction and decision-making, schedule a demo with eDoctrina today. 

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