How Wicomico County Public Schools Saved Time and Improved Data Usage

Until 2016, the staff at WCPS lamented about time wasted doing everyday tasks. Hunting for information on multiple platforms was time-consuming and frustrating. The wasted time affected more than morale. The extra steps involved to see data discouraged making data-driven decisions.

Like most school districts, no one at Wicomico had the luxury of extra time. Bonnie Ennis and the executive leadership team realized that to integrate data into daily decisions, they had to make the process quicker and easier.

They needed a single platform where staff could:

    1. Create and access curriculum and assessments
    2. Use EngageNY assessments
    3. See student growth, achievement, and depth of knowledge
    4. Write and integrate SLOs
    5. Complete, view, analyze, and distribute teacher observations and evaluations

Another district in Maryland shared how eDoctrina had helped them save time and focus on data. Bonnie invited eDoctrina to demonstrate its solutions to focus groups of teachers, principals, supervisors, and the technology department. Participants responded with, “We have to adopt this!”



Bonnie admits that some of the robust customization features intimidated the less technologically savvy staff. Training was vital to help them transition. Bonnie said, “eDoctrina went way above our expectations in providing professional development to our teachers.”

Bonnie also discovered that creating premade filters for reports increased teachers using them. Having these powerful reports in the same place as the curriculum proved key to increased data usage. She suspects that districts adopting now may need less training because teaching virtually forced everyone to get familiar with the technology.


How WCPS Uses eDoctrina Now

Bonnie and the technology department like the responsiveness of the developers. In her words, “eDoctrina satisfies our needs and goes beyond.”

Wicomico teachers, principals, and supervisors use the eDoctrina dashboard frequently.

Teachers go to one place to access curriculum, assessments, student data, and their evaluations. They appreciate how much quicker they can write SLOs with goals that more accurately represent their students. Preparing for conferences is faster too because teachers see all the historical scores for each student in one place.

Principals go to eDoctrina to write observations reports, integrate them with other pieces of teacher evaluations, and get signatures. They use the data reports to provide powerful insights into teacher needs.


Is eDoctrina Right for Your District?

Bonnie says, “I recommend eDoctrina to any district that wants to have a singular location to house student data to focus on student achievement.”

She looks forward to hearing the delighted responses from colleagues in other districts.

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