Winter Testimonial Contest Winner!

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry for our Winter Testimonial Contest! We are pleased to announce that Jon Krawiec, a High School Earth Science teacher at Waterville CSD, is the winner of a $100 Amazon gift card. Read Jon’s testimonial below:

“What specific features of eDoctrina (assessments, curriculum, RTI, etc.) have you found to be the most helpful for both you and your students so far this year and why?”

Learning Experienced (SOLE).  I have been using the flipped classroom model for several years, but still relied on paper packets.  Going remote this year caused me to reevaluate how to present material to my students in a more digital form.  The learning experience was the best solution I found to do this.  I can link websites, or other assignments in the content.  Video playback is great, and my students have very little to no issues in watching videos put in the learning experience.  I set my assessments to be at 75% to be marked as complete.  This helped the students to achieve better than just passing.  Students like the fact I can monitor them as they are working and let them know where they are having issues.  As students work on the assessments, I pull them up on the check assessment and refresh the screen.  I can check their work in real time and offer help as needed.  If the students are not in class, they ask me to check the work and I can tell them what they need to correct.  Students have told me they like this real time feedback and the chance to correct their work before they submit.

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