eDoctrina in the Virtual Classroom

At eDoctrina, our team takes pride in having the opportunity to help both teachers and students succeed in the classroom. Given the changing times, we have also learned to adapt to the fact that “in the classroom” often refers to a virtual setting! Luckily, our incredible team has worked hard to find ways in which eDoctrina can support a remote classroom environment.


Online Assessments: Utilizing Tools to the Fullest

We understand that setting up students to succeed while testing online can sometimes seem like a challenge, especially with so many tools and modifications kiddos may need to properly complete an assignment. This is one of the reasons our team has spent so much time updating our online assessment platform to contain all of the tools teachers need to create a unique online testing environment for all of their students, both individually and as a whole. Our platform consists of a variety of modifications that can be utilized while students are testing online, many of which mirror exactly is expected to be seen on both the ELA and Math NYS Computer Based Tests. This includes grade specific equation editors, a text-to-speech screen reader, answer masking, math tools (calculator, ruler, protractor, etc.), a sketchpad (blank or pre-filled with an image of your choosing), and many more!


Relaying Content & Results To My Students

One challenge we have found many of our partners are faced with is keeping up daily communication with their students in a remote environment. Luckily when it comes to online assignments in eDoctrina, we have gone to great lengths to ensure teachers are able to send and receive necessary communication.  When utilizing the assessment/assignment platforms, teachers have the ability to notify their students via email when they have assigned something new with the click of a button.  Additionally, teachers can opt into receiving email notifications to let them know when each of their students have completed said assignment. Student also have complete access to their assignment summary within their eDoctrina Progress Student Dashboards. This allows them to login at any time and see which assignments they’ve received or completed, as well as any grades and reports their teacher has given them access to view.


Blended Learning Using Lesson Plans

In the wake of blended classroom learning, we not only realized the importance of teachers being able to assign and communicate with their students, but also being able to relay lesson content in any form of setting, virtually or in-person. The addition of our new Online Lesson Plan tool will allow teachers to deliver content to their students whether they are in a small group setting in the classroom or in the comfort of their own living room. This interactive tool not only allows for the delivery of content, but also gives the teacher the ability to live stream with their class, record and relay the lesson to their students, share attachments, prompt educational discussion among classmates, and even live chat back and forth to keep students engaged.


While trying to adjust to the “new normal”, we at eDoctrina understand the stressors that teachers are up against on a daily basis and are here to help! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information about how we can assist during the adaptation into blended learning.

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