In the fall of 2004, an administrator in Buffalo, N.Y. wanted a way for teachers to be able to quickly collect and report on assessment data.  At the time he could not find an affordable tool to do this so decided to create it, thus, eDoctrina® was born.

Since then, the software has evolved into a suite of web-based educational tools that include: standards-based lesson and unit planners, an assessment builder (for both online and traditional, paper-based assessments), a parent/student portal, several unique data reports, a Student goal tracking tool, a PBIS tool, online courses (SOLe), teacher professional development (PD30), a teacher observation module and Student Learning Objectives management tools. Throughout this period of growth, the teachers and administrators who use eDoctrina on a daily basis – and not the company’s software developers or accountants – have been the driving force behind every new tool, screen or function.

In August of 2009, the eDoctrina® software and related services were first marketed to other schools/districts.  Due to expanding requests for the product, the eDoctrina Corporation was founded to focus solely on making eDoctrina® available to educators throughout the U.S.

To date, the organization has a client list that includes hundreds of districts and thousands of schools throughout the U.S.


To help ALL students succeed!

We accomplish this by making implementing educational best practices EASIER!

Core Values

Service, Simplicity and Continuous Improvement


eDoctrina will seek to partner with educational institutions committed to implementing educational best practices with fidelity to ensure all students succeed.  eDoctrina will continuously improve our products, training and services to ensure that the best practices we support are easy to implement.  eDoctrina will strive to provide products and services of the highest value and the value of our products and services will build enduring customer relationships.


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