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Learn how to build аn online assessment with various question types and post the assessment online for a student to take. Webinar shows how a student logs onto PROGRESS to take an online assessment and how a teacher can then grade teacher-scored questions and post reports for the students.


Tips and tricks on how to build various types of questions. Demonstrates how to link attachments, build scoring guides and work with images.


Creating data files to import into eDoctrina for tests that do NOT already exist and tests that DO already exist. Reviews the information necessary for each data import file and how to link assessments to SLOs after import.


Explains the steps an eDoctrina user should take after scanning an assessment. Clarifies how users can verify student data when students leave questions blank or bubble in multiple responses on answer sheets. Webinar also covers data reports on Teacher Dashboard.


Learn how to customize settings for your district’s SLO process. Demonstrates how to create an SLO from scratch and talks about common questions that arise during SLO implementation. Shows summary reports and how to pull data extracts.


Demonstrates how to create a rubric/performance-based assessment using eDoctrina’s assessment builder. Shows attendees how to print rubric answer sheets and discusses common questions about rubric scoring and development.


Focus of session is on how to set up a student goal using the RTI tracker in eDoctrina. Explains how to customize district settings and enter data for multiple student goals at one time.

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Trainings to meet your specific needs.

Power Planning [1/2 Day]

Adopt a planning approach founded in research-based best practices. Attendees will begin by using the eDoctrina Power Standards module to prioritize standards and then use this information to build instructional units around these power standards. Curriculum mapping and gap analysis reports will be utilized to demonstrate an ongoing dynamic process of creating and maintaining curriculum.
Implication on formative assessment will be included.

Audience:Teachers and Administrators

Assessment FOR Learning and Designing Effective Formative Assessments [Full Day]

Attendees will learn practical strategies for using eDoctrina assessments to foster Assessment FOR Learning strategies in their classroom. Strategies will include scaffolding of standards into student-friendly learning targets, using student-friendly learning targets to monitor progress, assess learning and target intervention. Attendees will go through the process to build an assessment from scratch using key principles of assessment design and student-friendly learning targets. Focus will be on Formative Assessment writing. Participants will discuss key components of item design and developing valid items. Attendees will learn how to design questions to maximize the information obtained from post assessment data reporting.

Audience:Teachers and Administrators

All About Assessments [2 Days]

Attendees will learn how to set up Answer Key only assessments, build questions within assessments and rubric-based assessments. This assessment creation training will also focus on building passages within assessments and the tips and tricks to make sure assessments are formatted correctly. All attendees will learn how to print answer sheets, manually enter data, post assessments online for students to take in addition to learning about a few of eDoctrina’s data reports.

Audience:Teachers and Administrators

Train The Trainer BOOTCAMP [3 Days]

This is a train-the-trainer training where attendees will re-familiarize themselves with all modules in eDoctrina in addition to learning how to navigate through the training material provided. Attendees will feel more prepared to provide turn-key training to their districts and become the primary support person. Attendees must be familiar with eDoctrina prior to training to fully benefit from this training.

Audience:Administrators and Advanced UsersPrerequisite – All About Assessments or Equivalent Experience

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Protocols For Success [Full Day]

In this hands-on session, attendees will look more closely at all reports on the Teacher Dashboard, work through setting up norms and be taught two separate protocols for looking at student data
within a team environment. One protocol focuses on comparing results across classrooms to facilitate sharing of instructional practices. The other protocol centers on identifying and addressing the needs of individual students.

Audience:Teachers and Administrators

APPR Wrap-Up [1/2 Day]

Can be full day with work time

The teacher evaluation process can be overwhelming, but fully utilizing the tools available within eDoctrina will make it much easier. Attendees will learn about custom settings within eDoctrina that allow districts to fine-tune the processes of SLO creation, management and approval. Attendees will have time to work on their own district settings and must have District Administrator authorization to do so. Attendees will also learn how to use eDoctrina’s assessment data import tools for importing assessment results from
other sources, like state assessment data or other third-party assessments.

Audience:District Administrators or anyone leading the eDoctrina charge in your school

BeHAVE PBIS [Full Day]

In this collaborative session, eDoctrina staff will work collaboratively with district staff to design a positive behavior intervention and support system (PBIS) for their school / district. PBIS is a proactive approach to establishing the support and culture needed for all students to be successful. The session will begin with an overview of PBIS best practices and approaches. This will be followed by a working session where positive incentives will be brainstormed and the exact system to be used in the school / district will be designed. This session will also include training in the configuration and setup of the eDoctrina BeHAVE module used to support and streamline a positive behavior intervention and support program.

eDoctrina For Support Teachers [1/2 Day]

Can be full day with work time

eDoctrina holds a wealth of information designed to help support teachers (Special Education, AIS, RTI) target students-in-need. This session will focus on how these educators can access student information and special reports specifically designed to track individual student progress. An emphasis will be placed on the RTI module and the new RTI Progress Monitoring Report.

Audience:Support teachers and Administrators

eDoctrina – Behind The Scenes [1/2 Day]

Can be full day with work time

eDoctrina is very flexible and has many features. Attendees will learn about the backend design of the system, custom district settings, managing student information system imports and assessment data imports. Attendees will learn how to manage student information in the front-end and how to determine when front-end management is appropriate.

Audience:Chief Information Officers, Software Support Technicians or anyone leading the eDoctrina charge in your school

SOLe Online Learning [Full Day]

Attendees will learn how to develop impactful interactive online learning modules for their students. Best practices in online instructional design will be covered. Attendees will be introduced to all features of the eDoctrina SOLe online learning management system and given hands-on activities to create online learning experiences for their students. Various aspects online learning, including primary instruction, enrichment, intervention, flipped classroom and credit recovery will be discussed.