The Possibilities of Partnership:
eDoctrina’s Free Tools Power Regional Cooperation

eDoctrina Regional Partnerships

District resources have never been more scarce. Worse, state and federal mandates have never asked more of teachers and administrators.  The stage has been set for regional agencies to step up and save the day.

eDoctrina has been at the forefront of several regional initiatives, offering cooperative agencies (and, through them, schools and districts) access to a number of online tools at no cost.  Some of this shared functionality includes:

  • “Power Standards” generator
  • Core-aligned unit & lesson plan builder
  • Secure question bank
  • Assessment creator

In addition to access, eDoctrina has provided free setup, technical support and invaluable experience in the design of these multi-district partnerships.

Agencies currently benefiting from this approach:

If you would like more information on how we can assist in your region, contact our “Baron of Brainstorm ing,” Eon Verrall, who’d love to chat about the possibilities.

CASE STUDY: WNY Joint Management Team

WNY Joint management teamIn early 2012, a new set of state mandates (and their respective deadlines) loomed over the districts of Western New York.  A newly adopted teacher-evaluation model, born out of the state’s successful Race to the Top bid, required schools to measure every student’s growth by using a benchmark assessment at the beginning of the year and a “rigorous and valid” summative assessment at the end.

The burden of creating and compiling data from these complex assessments fell squarely on the shoulders of each district.

The concept of a regional question bank from which these secure assessments could be generated was identified as a path forward.  But where would such a thing be housed?  Who would create and manage it?  And, most importantly, what would it cost?  eDoctrina stepped in and stepped up.

Throughout the summer, eDoctrina team members: setup nearly 100 districts in its system, trained hundreds of educators and BOCES staff, built and managed the security of a database of nearly 11,000 test items, developed several new tools to assist with their creation, and, of course, picked up the phone to answer user distress calls when they arose.

The result?  A powerful regional approach that is as cost-effective as it is comprehensive.  The JMT partnership has opened many eyes in the state and beyond, shining a spotlight on the power — and possibilities — of educational partnerships.

“We are very appreciative of the eDoctrina team’s vision and hard work throughout a process that has been, at times, both challenging and rewarding.  We could not have done all of this without them.” — Julianna Sciolino, Erie 1 BOCES