Curriculum Tools

Don’t have easy, one-touch access to curriculum maps? Only have hard copies of lesson plans? Switching over to the Common Core? We can help.

Great Tools. Best Practices.

Functionality includes:

  • “Power” (priority) standards module
  • Unit & lesson plan builder
  • Lesson plan calendar view
  • Curriculum mapping tool
  • Unwrap / rewrite standards tool


Standards Prioritization and Management

eDoctrina’s curriculum tools are rooted in many of today’s educational best practices.  Research-proven techniques such as standards prioritization and student-friendly terminology are embedded within the software.  These are methods that help educators teach more effectively and efficiently!

Power standards module“Power” Standards

Experts agree that not all learning standards are created equal.  eDoctrina users rate standards using four criteria — endurance, leverage, readiness and high stakes — to come up with a “power” rating that is used to ensure teachers focus their instruction on only the most essential skills.





Standards based instructionStandards-Based Instruction

Every eDoctrina tool is powered by learning standards in that they are all standards based — lesson/unit plans, assessments and reports.

The easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface makes embedding state, national and even school- or district-specific custom standards a snap.





Scaffolding or rewriting standardsScaffolding or Rewriting Standards

Learning standards can be complex and hard to understand for both teachers and students.  The “Unwrap Standards” tool allows teachers to scaffold, unwrap or even rewrite standards in either “plain English” or student-friendly language.




Lesson Planning

eDoctrina’s custom lesson planner allows teachers to plan from a calendar view or a list view. Districts decide on the topics they want to include in their lesson plans. Lesson plans can be shared with other teachers within the district.

Lesson Planning in eDoctrina

Unit Planning

eDoctrina’s unit planning tool allows districts to customize their template to include the categories they feel are important. Teachers working in teams can easily collaborate to create common unit plans and share curriculum resources.

Unit Plan Report in eDoctrina

Curriculum Mapping

eDoctrina’s FLIPPED curriculum mapping approach starts with building units of instruction and builds curriculum mapping reports around those units. Custom reports allow teachers to map out multiple subjects or multiple grade levels in a single report.

Curriculum Mapping in eDoctrina