Professional Development when you want, where you want!

Does your school district struggle to find the time to provide high quality professional development to your staff members? Do you struggle to find funds to pay for substitute teachers while also paying the high cost for on-site presenters? Have you tried instructional videos and find they were not able to engage your teachers? PD30 has been specifically designed to address all of these issues. PD30 is an affordable platform where professional development is delivered in short (30-minute) segments so teachers can participate before school, after school or during their free period.

What is a PD module like?

Typical modules will include LIVE INTERACTIVE webinars that are held on multiple days / times and are recorded for those who are not able to attend one of the live sessions. These sessions will be followed by self-directed online learning activities and discussion forums. Each module will have a LIVE INSTRUCTOR who can be contacted by participants to answer questions and facilitate discussion forums. Typically each credit will include one 30-minute webinar and about 30 minutes of self-directed activities. Modules will typically culminate with an end-of-module assessment that must be passed prior to receiving a completion certificate.

What are the topics?

Fall 2015 PD Modules

  • Designing Rigorous Assessments (3 credits)
  • Differentiation and the Common Core (3 credits)
  • Student Self-Reflection and Goal Setting (3 credits)
  • Classroom Management for the Teacher: Building a Culture in which All Students Can Succeed (8 credits)
  • eDoctrina Assessment Building 101 (2 credits)
  • eDoctrina Advanced Assessment Building (6 credits)
  • eDoctrina Document Camera Scanning (1 credit)
  • eDoctrina Teacher Completed Tool (2 credits)

Additional PD Modules

  • Unwrapping the Standards (3 credits)
  • Teaching Students to Take Risks (3 credits)
  • Rigor in the Classroom (3 credits)
  • Creating an Essential Curriculum (3 credits)
  • Using Common Formative Assessments (3 credits)
  • Vertical Teaming (2 credits, for Administrators and School Leaders)
  • Data Driven Conversations and Practices (3 credits)
  • Giving Effective Feedback (3 credits)
  • Literacy for Content Area Teachers (4 credits)
  • eDoctrina Curriculum Management (2 credits)
  • eDoctrina Reports Interpretation (3 credits)
  • And many, many, many more to come…

Districts can also create their own modules and assign CE credits to them.

A PD30 subscription includes the following:

  • Unlimited access to eDoctrina developed PD30 Modules for all staff
  • Ability to create District-specific custom modules
  • LIVE eDoctrina CHAT feature
  • Ability to easily track external PD hours
  • 50% discount on premium content from 3rd Party Providers (To be added in the future)
  • Ability to link modules to specific components of your teacher observation rubric (OBSeRVE users only)