eDoctrina in Practice: Case Study Published by District Administration Magazine

eDoctrina in Practice: Case Study Published by District Administration MagazineRecently District Administration magazine has published a case study about the K-12 planning, assessment and reporting software tool eDoctrina. This instructive article is entitled “Charter School for Applied Technologies: In-house Resources Help Raise Student Performance at Low-Income School” and written by Ariana Rawls Fine.

The article explains how eDoctrina is used at the largest K12 charter school in New York. The author describes in detail what aims and teaching approaches are behind eDoctrina, and what results are achieved. In particular, she emphasizes that the main strategy is “targeted, specific and timely interventions” and that during a year of eDoctrina implementation the math state assessment scores in Charter School for Applied Technologies saw an increase of 32 percent.

District Administration magazine, March 2015: “In recognition of the innovation and success of this initiative, Charter School for Applied Technologies has been named a District of Distinction by District Administration.”

Now eDoctrina is being used by 282 districts in 9 states of the USA.

Read the full version of the article here.

Denise Marsh

Focus: Online Assessments for Foreign Language Students

“I am so happy to have eDoctrina for online assessments! In June of 2014, I created my 8th grade proficiency exam in eDoctrina. It was a lot of work to input everything, but it saved me a lot of time after the test was administered. That was the first time that I have ever had all of my exams graded by the end of the day that they were given. This program allowed me to add my recorded voice for the listening section and also the freedom to control how many times the students could listen to the passage. By copying the exam I was able to also quickly create a modified version of the exam for any student that was allowed accommodations, such as additional time listening to a passage. Pictures for the picture choice section were able to be in color and there was no concern about students not being able to tell what a picture was due to poor photocopying.”

Jillian Linnehan

I just wanted to tell you all, that I really appreciate the professionalism of your staff. Not only do you respond in a timely manner, you always respond with the correct answers! It’s sad how rare that is!

Thanks again,

Say Yes Buffalo: Thank You eDoctrina for Generous Support!

Say Yes Buffalo: Thank you eDoctrina for Generous Support!

Say Yes Buffalo is grateful for the generous support of eDoctrina which will help us provide college scholarships to Buffalo students for years to come.”

David Rust
Executive Director
Say Yes Buffalo

Say Yes Buffalo is a landmark collaboration that brings the Buffalo Public School District, the Buffalo Teachers’ Federation, the Buffalo Association of Administrators and Supervisors, the City of Buffalo, Erie County, Say Yes to Education, Inc., and a diverse group of Buffalo area corporate, non-profit, and philanthropic organizations together to organize people, time, money and resources to provide holistic, year-round support to Buffalo Public School District students throughout their K-12 years and beyond.

Jeff Hoag

This is absolutely amazing work…and having the CSV to show me what didn’t match is really great!!

I say it probably too much to sound sincere anymore, but I really do love working with all of you at eDoctrina. You make me look awesome in front of our schools.

Stressed About State Mandates?

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Stressed About State Mandates? eDoctrina can help

Stressed About State Mandates?

We can help. Our affodable online tools can…

  • Build Core-aligned curriculum
  • Create online & paper assessments
  • Produce formative assessment data reports
  • Track student goals (IEP, RTI)
  • Manage educator observations and SLOs

“eDoctrina made our teachers more efficient,
our lives easier and our CFO smile!”

eDoctrina’s Presentation at DATAG Summer Conference 2014

eDoctrina Presentation at DATAG Summer Conference 2014eDoctrina Corp has participated in the DATAG Summer Conference that was held in the Saratoga Hilton, Saratoga Springs, New York, July 9-11, 2014.

The mission of DATAG is
– to provide a leadership role in identifying, cataloging, and modeling best practices in the analysis and use of data for New York schools;
– to assist schools in understanding performance assessments in order to effect changes in curriculum and instruction to meet New York educational standards;
– to support the use of data to inform and improve curriculum, in struction, and assessment, as well as to guide professional development and district comprehensive or strategic planning.

At the DATAG Conference 2014 eDoctrina’s Leah Kingston presented the interactive session “Formative Assessment”: “Collecting assessment data can be easy. Whether it’s an exit ticket, quiz or formative assessment there are many ways to collect data using eDoctrina that are both teacher and student-friendly. This interactive session allows users to see how collecting ‘on the spot’ data using a document camera or iPad can be quick and easy. Best of all, data reports are available immediately for analysis.”

If you want to learn more about how eDoctrina can help with student assessments, please visit this page or watch our video trainings on the eDoctrina Youtube channel.


Leah Kingston is a former elementary school teacher who’s passionate about helping educators learn how to use eDoctrina to help manage the overwhelming process of collecting and analyzing data. Her goal is always to make sure educators save time – and eDoctrina can be the solution.

Leah Kingston is a gifted gifted lecturer whose trainings are very impressive and useful for attendees:

“I’ve been to a lot of conferences, and to be honest, some of them are major fails. You probably get this a lot, but your training was insightful, honest, very informative, and fun. Your pacing as totally appropriate. I really liked the process of watching then doing and a little bit of both at the same time. The mini assignments really reinforced what was instructed. Your commentary of dos, don’ts, and little nuances about the program were extremely helpful, because while the guides are easy to learn from, the ‘tricks’ are what takes the program to a new level for me. The reviews were super important because it made me become cognitively aware of what I know and have the ability to answer about the program with my colleagues. I knew the training was awesome when all of my questions were answered within the first 2 hours!”

Elizabeth Chelus
English Teacher
Clarence High School