OBSeRVE™: Teacher Observation Software Tool

OBSeRVE™ is eDoctrina’s uber-flexible Teacher Observation software tool.  With its ease-of-use, ability to be customized and affordability, this module takes the process of recording and tracking observation data to the next level.

  • Improves teacher observations
    OBSeRVE™ makes the observation process more effective & efficient. Its flexibility helps support shorter, formative observations in addition to traditional, summative evaluations. Reporting helps quickly identify areas of need (to be addressed by professional development).
  • Easily manages data
    All observation data, reports & discussions are stored in one, central place; easily accessed online by teachers & administrators.
  • Encourages powerful discussions
    OBSeRVE™’s unique Discussion Board feature allows teachers & administrators to carry on a real-time dialogue with the goal of making the observation process more transparent & helpful to both parties.
  • Works with ANY rubric
    Unlike its competitors, OBSeRVE™ has been designed to support any observation-scoring system or rubric.  Whether you use state-mandated criteria or even a custom model, OBSeRVE™ can handle it.
  • Reflects your observation style
    Rating teachers?  Scripting observations?  Formal or walk-through?  Skills portfolio?  Attaching work samples?  Having an open discussion with staff or do you need confidentiality?  It doesn’t matter to us.  OBSeRVE’s ability to handle many different styles of observations is extremely unique.  Don’t see exactly what you need?  Just let us know and we’ll talk full customization!
  • Goes wherever you are
    OBSeRVE™ is web based, so it works anywhere the internet is — your desktop, laptop, iPad or Smart phone.  Its iPad app gives users the ability to record observation data in the classroom & then synch up to their computer when returning to the office.
  • Costs less
    OBSeRVE™ costs far less than its competitors, making it the perfect solution!

Check out the short demo video (at right) to see it in action.  If you’d like even more information, contact us for a personalized webinar.