eDoctrina: What It Is

Online Teacher Software That Does So Much and Is So Affordable

eDoctrina - online K-12 teaching software tools
eDoctrina is a suite of online teaching software tools designed to help educators teach more effectively and students get the support they need to succeed.  This web-based teacher software comes pre-loaded with modules that:

  • Prioritize state standards
  • Create curriculum maps and standards-based lesson/unit plans
  • Build paper-based and online assessments
  • Print out answer sheets
  • Generate reports that pin-point struggling students and what standards they’re struggling with
  • Allow students to take online assessments and download worksheets or assignments they miss while absent
  • Give parents the chance to keep up on student progress (assessment results) and view teacher lesson plans
  • Manage school/district SMART and individual student goals
  • Streamline teacher observations

Simply put, there are few educational software products on the market that can do SO MUCH and still be SO AFFORDABLE.

How many products have you ever bought without seeing them first? Probably very few. So, check out the following demo videos and take a quick peek at eDoctrina, its simplicity and its functionality.

“Power Standards” Tool

Teachers just can’t cover every single state standard in depth.  This video touches upon eDoctrina’s ability to prioritize the more important ones, transforming them into helpful “Power Standards” — no phone booth necessary!

Unit & Lesson Planning Tools

If your school/district is the least bit interested in curriculum mapping, look no further than eDoctrina’s easy-to-use Unit and Lesson Planning tools.  Drag-and-drop interfaces make the process of creating standards-based plans and curriculum maps easier than ever before.

Assessments & Answer Sheets

eDoctrina allows educators to quickly create standards-based assessments and then print plain-paper bubble sheets for selected students, an entire class, or a whole grade level in seconds.  Preloaded answer sheets support any assessment at all – multiple choice, essay, performance/skill-based, teacher-designed, publisher-driven, etc.

Reporting Tool

eDoctrina’s most powerful feature is its ability to generate a wide range of reports that allow teachers to focus their instruction on those students and skills/standards that need it most.  With them, you can generate standards-based data that helps educators target their instruction. This short video covers some of the most important aspects of reporting.

Student Learning Objectives Tool

The Student Learning Objectives (SLO) tool is a wonderfully comprehensive module that allows educators to build goals for students that use pre- and post-assessments to track growth.  Aligned with many states’ mandates, this tool makes the complex processes of tracking growth and measuring teacher efficacy a snap!

PROGReSS Student & Parent Portal

PROGReSS allows families to monitor student progress by giving them the ability to view assignments, lesson plans, assessment data and even report-card grades.  They can also access missed (or forgotten!) homework assignments and classwork.  In addition, students can take online assessments that can include interactive questions (video, animated GIFs, etc.) and see how they did the second they finish!

OBSeRVE™ Tool for Teacher Observations

One of eDoctrina’s newest modules, OBSeRVE gives administrators the ability to document formative classroom observations that are tied to district-established teaching standards.  Its functionality includes a discussion-thread function that establishes a dialogue between administration and teachers on what was observed to go well and what didn’t.  OBSeRVE can be run on iPad and Droid tablets as well as some smart phones.