Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)
Student Growth Objectives (SGOs)

Although student growth is gratifying to watch, it can be tricky to measure. But that’s exactly what many states are attempting.  The result?  Complicated mandates that can be difficult for districts to manage.  eDoctrina to the rescue! Our student-growth tool has been hailed as time (and hair) saver by many districts throughout the country.

  • It can be used by teachers and/or administrators. Different states have different mandates.  eDoctrina allows either teachers or administrators (or both) to collaborate on SLO creation.
  • Uses assessment data to produce baseline/evidence goals.  You decide which assessments will be used at the beginning of the year and at the end, drag-and-drop them into place and your work is done.  eDoctrina instantly handles the complex calculations that can result from numerous benchmarks.
  • Supports several different growth measures.  A number of measures are already supported, including “Growth to Mastery” (every student grows to a certain level), “Common Growth” (every student grows by a certain percentage), “Differentiatied Growth” (every student has his/her own goal) and “Gap Closing” (each student closes in on his/her own goal).  Know of one we don’t have?  Let us know and we’ll add it!
  • Can be linked to individual district’s scoring criteria/ratings.  eDoctrina can automatically cross-check the percentage of students who made their growth goal with a district scoring table to spit out a rating for those teachers affected by different SLOs.
  • Produces easy-to-read reports that highlight student and educator efficacy.

For more information on the Student Learning Objectives tool, watch the video above or contact us to setup a personalized webinar.

 “We REALLY like the SLO tool.  It’s a life saver!
I just don’t know how we would have kept track of all of these test results without eDoctrina.”
– Robin Kwiatek, Clarence Central School District (N.Y.)