Teachers Are Testing a New eDoctrina’s Web-Camera Scanning Tool

eDoctrina web-camera scanning to help teach poetry
“It is working GREAT!  Here is how I am using it.  I copied 2 poem from old 11th grade Regents exams (I teach 9th ELA) and used the MC Questions for this Ticket In/Ticket Out activity (I have attached)  I had the students read the questions and then read the poems and answer the questions on the analysis paper (formative assessment) and then transfer their answers on the eDoc scan sheet.  They brought them up to me and I scanned them using a LadiBug (not the best option for this – need something more stationary and stable) but the students then took their seats and as soon as I had the items scanned we redirected to the InterWrite board and went over the Item Analysis report in eDoc and talked about which items gave us more trouble and why.  The students then needed to reflect on their grade if they got any wrong, they wrote why the correct answer was correct and why they explained their thinking on their analysis paper.

The entire activity took 10 minutes from start to finish.

Ami :)


See also the video of eDoctrina’s web-camera scanning tool.