New Tools & Product Enhancements

We don’t like to sit idle, so, we’ve added some new functions recently we think are pretty cool…

Web Camera Scanning Tool

Web camera scanning tool in action: instant results – instant feeback:


New Verification Tools

We’ve streamlined the answer sheet verification process by adding a screen that allows users to quickly identify students in need of verification and functionality that allows for one-click review of students’ actual answer sheets. Watch this short demo video to see how easy verification can be!



OBSeRVE Scripting Tools

A major enhancement of our teacher observation module now allows users to highlight scripting notes and attach them directly to criteria / expectations. This provides more robust supporting information for each observation.  To see this new feature, contact Eon Verrall.

Report Add-Ons

The Item Analysis Report now includes a hyperlink that allows teachers to refer back to the original assessment question.  In addition, both that report and the Class Summary Report can be downloaded in a PDF version.

SLO Tool Updates

eDoctrina’s SLO tool has been tweaked a bunch as NYS provides additional guidance.  It now includes the ability to batch score, refer to student demographic information and more.  Contact us to learn more about the SLO updates.


Check this page frequently for updates on future enhancements.