eDoctrina in Practice: Case Study Published by District Administration MagazineRecently District Administration magazine has published a case study about the K-12 planning, assessment and reporting software tool eDoctrina. This instructive article is entitled “Charter School for Applied Technologies: In-house Resources Help Raise Student Performance at Low-Income School” and written by Ariana Rawls Fine.

The article explains how eDoctrina is used at the largest K12 charter school in New York. The author describes in detail what aims and teaching approaches are behind eDoctrina, and what results are achieved. In particular, she emphasizes that the main strategy is “targeted, specific and timely interventions” and that during a year of eDoctrina implementation the math state assessment scores in Charter School for Applied Technologies saw an increase of 32 percent.

District Administration magazine, March 2015: “In recognition of the innovation and success of this initiative, Charter School for Applied Technologies has been named a District of Distinction by District Administration.”

Now eDoctrina is being used by 282 districts in 9 states of the USA.

Read the full version of the article here.