Positive behavior intervention system.

Are you looking for a quick, simple way to track and reward positive behavior in your school? eDoctrina’s BeHAVE module provides schools with an easy way to configure and administer a positive behavior intervention program. This tool allows teachers and other school staff to quickly record behaviors and award points to students using eDoctrina. The system then allows students to redeem the points they’ve earned on rewards they choose.

How does it work?

BeHAVE is a very simple tool to use. The foundation of BeHAVE is the development of behavior codes that can be set up for a specific school or district-wide. The behavior codes represent student behaviors that you would like to reward. Each behavior code can be assigned a point value. Note that behavior codes can also be negative behaviors that deduct points from a student total.


Examples of behavior codes may include “Courteous to others”, “Helpful to staff”, “Clean table in cafeteria”,… The behavior list is only limited by your imagination!

Once the list is created, teachers and other staff members can use any WIFI enabled device to quickly find students and assign a behavior code / reward to them. The picture to the right shows a screen shot from an iPhone where student, Ted Ainslie, is being rewarded for Exceptional Work in Class. Each behavior code can have an optional description area so staff can provide details about the event that caused them to reward the student. Once events are assigned, emails can automatically be sent to students to notify them and indicate how many points they have earned. YES – it is as simple as that!

How are the points used by the student?

Students can redeem BeHAVE points in the BeHAVE store when they log into their eDoctrina account, Progress. The store is very easy for districts to configure and can include both tangible items (pencils, hats, stickers, tickets to a dance, …) and intangible items (Free pass to front of lunch line, late homework pass,…). Students simply scroll through available items and click the “Buy this” button.


Students can then print a reward certificate that can be redeemed for the purchased items.

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