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Kathleen Strangis

Wow! I just had the opportunity to play with this export. I think this will suit us well! I so appreciate what you have done and the speed in which you addressed this issue for us. Thank you so much!

Donna Frymire

I just wanted to send a note of thanks. We had an issue with one of our machines, and in Doug’s absence trying to resolve the issue was rather difficult. Jason was a great resource and followed us to make sure things were all set. It was not an eDoctrina issue, it was an issue with the machine. Jason offered assistance and made possible suggestions which aided in our resolution.

Jennifer French

Thank you so very much for all the work you and your team have done to improve the ease of use of eDoctrina. I have often shared with colleagues that your company provides the best customer service we have ever been provided!

eDoctrina in Practice: Case Study Published by District Administration Magazine

eDoctrina in Practice: Case Study Published by District Administration MagazineRecently District Administration magazine has published a case study about the K-12 planning, assessment and reporting software tool eDoctrina. This instructive article is entitled “Charter School for Applied Technologies: In-house Resources Help Raise Student Performance at Low-Income School” and written by Ariana Rawls Fine.

The article explains how eDoctrina is used at the largest K12 charter school in New York. The author describes in detail what aims and teaching approaches are behind eDoctrina, and what results are achieved. In particular, she emphasizes that the main strategy is “targeted, specific and timely interventions” and that during a year of eDoctrina implementation the math state assessment scores in Charter School for Applied Technologies saw an increase of 32 percent.

District Administration magazine, March 2015: “In recognition of the innovation and success of this initiative, Charter School for Applied Technologies has been named a District of Distinction by District Administration.”

Now eDoctrina is being used by 282 districts in 9 states of the USA.

Read the full version of the article here.

Denise Marsh

Focus: Online Assessments for Foreign Language Students

“I am so happy to have eDoctrina for online assessments! In June of 2014, I created my 8th grade proficiency exam in eDoctrina. It was a lot of work to input everything, but it saved me a lot of time after the test was administered. That was the first time that I have ever had all of my exams graded by the end of the day that they were given. This program allowed me to add my recorded voice for the listening section and also the freedom to control how many times the students could listen to the passage. By copying the exam I was able to also quickly create a modified version of the exam for any student that was allowed accommodations, such as additional time listening to a passage. Pictures for the picture choice section were able to be in color and there was no concern about students not being able to tell what a picture was due to poor photocopying.”

Jillian Linnehan

I just wanted to tell you all, that I really appreciate the professionalism of your staff. Not only do you respond in a timely manner, you always respond with the correct answers! It’s sad how rare that is!

Thanks again,

Say Yes Buffalo: Thank You eDoctrina for Generous Support!

Say Yes Buffalo: Thank you eDoctrina for Generous Support!

Say Yes Buffalo is grateful for the generous support of eDoctrina which will help us provide college scholarships to Buffalo students for years to come.”

David Rust
Executive Director
Say Yes Buffalo

Say Yes Buffalo is a landmark collaboration that brings the Buffalo Public School District, the Buffalo Teachers’ Federation, the Buffalo Association of Administrators and Supervisors, the City of Buffalo, Erie County, Say Yes to Education, Inc., and a diverse group of Buffalo area corporate, non-profit, and philanthropic organizations together to organize people, time, money and resources to provide holistic, year-round support to Buffalo Public School District students throughout their K-12 years and beyond.